Who we are

How was Clove born?

HI! Welcome to the Clove world, if you've arrived here you probably want to know more about our story so make yourself comfortable.

If you don't know me, please! I'm Marianna Sicignano university student, content creator and permanent curly lover!

In January 2021 in full lockdown a bit for fun and without thinking too much I posted my first tiktok video, inexplicably in less than 10h it totaled around 200k views.

What was so special about it? my curly recovery journey!

In just over a year and a half I had recovered my brittle, bleached and above all shapeless hair but I'll leave you a photo as proof :).

Many girls started contacting me, looking for me and following me to take the same path and there the answer immediately appeared clear to me! As if I had always known that I wanted to help other people like me feel beautiful and strong together with their mane. A crown of pride, a strength and not of fear or shame.

And so it was! I started my journey thanks to the support of many girls who were trying to take care of their curls but also with the desire to be able to give them what I had achieved, a reason to believe it.

That desire grew stronger and stronger until Clove was born!

Clove is not mine, it is not Marianna's but it is yours! It belongs to all the people who unknowingly made me dream, to all the people who supported me, to all the people who stood by me, to all the people who didn't feel understood or accepted with their hair, of all the people who gave me a reason to believe it, of all the people who want to love their hedgehog without fighting it anymore!

Clove is love, love for curls, love for ourselves because every unique woman deserves to have a unique curl!

This is Clove but it's just the beginning!

- Marianne